Monday, April 11, 2011

What do April Snow Showers Bring?

It was snowing while I was running on the treadmill on Friday.  I watched the snow fall into the trees while I booked with my iPod tunes in my ears, in relative indoor comfort.  Here is what was running through my head:
If it weren't for modern technology, I couldn't run during a snow storm.  Also, if it weren't for modern technology I wouldn't need to run during a snow storm.

If I lived 100 years ago, I'd be hauling and chopping wood, milking goats, walking miles to the grocery and eating potatoes from the cellar from last fall.  I wouldn't have time to get antsy from all the cold, dark weather of the last six months.  I wouldn't have the free-time, or the need to run.  What an interesting and exciting time to be.


  1. I guess I must be living 100 years ago! I snowshoed down the driveway with a chainsaw and cut trees up to put in the mud pit that used to be our driveway.

  2. I'd be grateful for that chainsaw!