Saturday, April 23, 2011


Every year at Easter I find myself having the same feeling. It's a feeling besides the tickle in the back of my throat, itchy skin and sneezing nose.  It's such a strong feeling, almost as physical as those allergic reactions to procreating plants.  It is a physical longing, yes, but as we are more than just a body, my physical wants can also be spiritual.
I am longing to walk barefoot on my wood floor with warm feet.  I'm longing to look down at my arms, without seeing the stretched and frayed cuffs, of my over-warn sweater.  I want to wait for hot water in the shower, and to dry off, without a short episode of hypothermia.
This year Easter is later in the year than usual, and yet I still find myself with the same sense of longing for the next thing.  It made me wonder if there is a connection.  It seems that I'm not the only one stricken with longing at Easter, or this season of the year.  People through the ages have been wanting for the bounty and rebirth of Spring and Summer.  They are wanting for their physical comfort, and the unseen part of themselves.  Could you imagine Easter in November?  No.
Today, the unseen part of me is basking in the moment, and looking forward to blueberries, flip-flops, mosquito bites, late evening barbecues, zinnias, swimsuits and tomatoes.

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  1. This post reminded me of an interesting thought I heard some time ago. It went like this - We are not physical beings who briefly have spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings who are having a brief physical experience.