Friday, April 08, 2011

Moms of Hazzard

I am driving a car I made money on (kinda).  Usually cars are not investments, they are like boats, or RVs, they cost more money than they are worth in the end (which is why I don't like to get an interest-bearing loan for them).  Here is how it worked:

I used to drive a 1993 Honda Civic which my grandpa bought for me ($0 for me), then I had a kid, and we didn't fit in that two door car.  We bought another two door car, whose seats folded into the dash so I could nearly stand in the back seat to put the babies in car seats. That car, which was a 1998 WV New Beetle, went to car heaven in 2009.

The insurance company gave us more than we paid in 2003 for the car, and we bought the next car, a 1996 Passat, for less than the insurance gave us.  Leaving us $1000 in the black! ( I get it, with gas, repairs and maintenance, we didn't really make money)

Photo courtesy of my then 5 year old with a point and shoot camera!
I have now been driving a "free" car, which is old-ish, for 1 1/2 years.  It gets great gas mileage, it is a turbo diesel, it can go fast, it is comfortable, it is cute, and it is green.  Sometimes I think I will need a new car, but then I remember, the newness will wear off, and I like my car.  There is one problem.  The doors do not work, meaning, some or most do not open or shut.  I am wondering how many doors need to be broken shut, or open, before the car is useless.

As I was letting the irony of a working car with no working doors wash over me, I remembered another cool car that has no working doors.  As long as my windows work, I don't need a new car!!

I can imagine my children jumping through the open window from the pick-up line at  their elementary school.  I'll be the coolest mom ever?

PS pretty cool old guy that can still do that!!

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