Saturday, May 23, 2009

Careful what you ask for...

While our VW Beetle is in the shop for repairs (which is a story all it's own), we asked for a rental car. This was the only rental available:
I could have 4 more children now, and we could all fit. Or, I could fit 6 bails of straw back there. This car is thick, tall, wide and cavernous. I guess I just want my car back....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Six Sets of Lungs

I was positive that I had nearly lost my mind when I volunteered to make 6 sets of lungs for my daughter's school play, featuring the human body.

The play is sure to be cute, with a gaggle of 5 year-olds parading around as singing skeletons, lungs, muscles, and craniums. I felt a bit guilty from last years play as an adult participant, having helped out a big ZERO. So this year, I jumped on the responsibility as a, slightly sewing machine savvy, kindergarten loving, adult.

After hours of work, tracing, cutting, sewing, drawing, filling, fastening, buying, and planning, I finished the dang lungs.

Then, last night we watched 30 Rock, a TV show (though we watched it on the computer) and what do you know, the opening gag was about the goofy main character acting like a kidney in an elementary school play. Though it must be a more common experience than I had imagined, the sketch did reinforce that I have indeed lost my mind. I really would do ANYTHING, no matter how goofy, for my kids. Making lungs out of felt, beans, elastic and a sharpie counts.

My fingers are still blue from the sharpie!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Baby Bag

A bag I made of oil cloth for my friend's new baby!!

Pets on Furniture

Dillweed the dog really is the dullest light bulb on the shelf, which is why he is such a good dog. It is my belief that pets do not belong on furniture (let your pets on your stuff, I'm fine with that). So that is why Dillweed looks so guilty on the table in our atrium.