Friday, January 14, 2011

Facebook Vacillation

I vacillate between hot and cold on Facebook.  Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it, sometimes I am addicted to it, and sometimes I'm ambivalent.

Here are some of the reasons I'm cold:

Photos of food.  There are some great sites out there to look at photos of food, really yummy looking food. I am sure that your food is yummy, but it looks kinda bad unless you are a bang-up photographer.

357 photos of your trip to the beach.  You are only in 2, and those are fuzzy.  I love photos and photos of people doing fun things, but I can't really look at the virtual 7 rolls of bad photos you took.

Being someone who you are not, on FB.

Being who you are on FB.  Be a better person than you really are, on FB.  I don't mean fudge, I mean put your best foot forward.  Don't be mean or even sarcastic, it doesn't translate.

Folks who over share angry opinions.  If you are angry about your opinion, it isn't valid for me.

The mundane. Some people share EVERYTHING on FB. Enough said!

Letting everyone know where you are and how long you will be there, or posting, "looks like you are at 123 Main St all week!! LOL".  We are not totally in control of who sees our posts. I'm not "checking in".

The reasons I'm hot (besides my appearance):

I can connect to media that I might not find on my own because I only look a the stuff I look at online.  If someone posts something interesting, I can learn something new, or at least smile!

I can continue community with people I don't live near or see often.

I can play Scrabble on FB.

I can celebrate life events that folks share on FB.

I can mourn life events that folks share on FB.

I can play Scrabble on FB.

I can remember/celebrate important events with family and friends.


  1. I feel the same way, only without the scrabble.

  2. scrabble on FB is the best... it is actually the only reason that I use FB. I have 5 sisters and we all play scrabble intensely together. Also, my 3 sons and 1 dil - scrabble constantly. It is almost as good as playing at the table all through T'giving weekend. :)