Monday, January 24, 2011

29 Hours to Minnesota

Last week I drove from Northern California to St. Paul, Minnesota with a friend who is moving.  I now am somewhat of an aficionado of Minnesota in January compared to most of the people in my neighborhood.  After nearly 48 hours in the state, and the coldest weather they have had in several years, I feel accomplished.

When I left my house, it was 60 degrees, and forgot my husband's coat in the closet.  Why would I think of grabbing it on the way out?  I'm not much of a detail person, and also not much of a coat person.  Coats make me feel like someone is choking me, which is why I suffer while skiing.

Fortunately, while traveling along I-80, there are several (~27) discount shops for outdoor supplies.  Also, all winter clothes are on sale.  If you do not yet have a coat in Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, Iowa or Minnesota this year, you are probably a popsicle, and someone will find you during the spring thaw.

In the end, we drove for three days and made it to the 'Land of a Thousand Lakes', where the state drink is milk, and the state muffin is blueberry.  Here is my trip log in bad cell phone photos:
It starts to snow in, Evanston, WY for 20 minutes! No coat.

It is sunny and COLD in Nebraska.  Still no coat.
I purchase a coat in Cheyenne, deeply discounted, of course.

Minnesota is essentially tundra.  -22 without windchill.
Inga scrapes ice from the INSIDE of the windows.  
I am happy to live where there are 4 seasons which are moderately moderate!  I'm also happy to be home!


  1. You are a brave girl to take such a trek. Good for you. Glad it worked out OK. And finally...BRRR!

  2. I always enjoy your blogs when I read them, and this one in particular made me giggle. I've lived in Minnesota all my life... not really a fan of winter, but it's where my family and friends are; my roots keep me bound in MN. We are actually the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" - though that isn't accurate - we have many more than 10,000. Nice coat; glad you found a good deal!!
    I was helping a friend move the same weekend; it was ridiculously cold! Glad you survived your visit to MN - come back and visit your friend in June!