Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Summer Read: An Update

I gave up.  I had aspired to reading a long book during the winter months.  I just gave up.  I blogged about already here if you are tracking what a failure I am.

There are several reasons, the main one: It was too hard.  I am a smart-ish-type person, or I think of myself that way.  This book was not too hard to read, though it was rather wordy, and there was jargon in it that made it slow going.  It's a drag if you are already fighting dyslexic reading. Slow becomes tedious.

This winter has also been very cold for these parts.  I know you live where it is colder, and yet, I am cold.  This book took place 400 years ago, in England, in the winter.  Not only the dark ages, but a cold season.  Page after page was about the dank, dark, frigid conditions of the setting.

I got 50 pages into 700 and took a pause.  My grandmother told me that I had to give every book at least 50 pages before I decided to put it down.  In her honor, I think about every book I read at about page fifty.  Is this book a good book?  Do I want to read this?  Has the story even started yet?  Catch 22, I've tried it twice, but can't do it!   I decided, I'm too cold to read the book I'm reading now, which is another way of saying, I don't feel like reading it.

I went to the library and got a 200 page book that said, "A great summer read.-People Magazine" splashed on the cover.  The book is white, and has bright colors on it.  The language is about fourth grade reading level, the subject is light, modern, and takes place in the summer.  My toes are warmer already, though it may be the slippers, socks, blankets, sweats and hoodie I'm wearing.

I'll try the other again in July.


  1. I love your reasoning.
    Did I ever tell you about the time I chucked "Wuthering Heights" behind the couch? I had read it in high school and though maybe I would get more out of it if I read it again. I was probably around page 30 when I decided that I just couldn't stand it anymore. Great romance, my foot! I tossed it behind the couch so that I wouldn't be tempted to pick it up again.

  2. I think we feel the same way about that book!