Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Under the Bridge: a Selfie Adventure

While in NYC I have the days to explore by myself, while my husband works. Left to my own devices, I've discovered that I think I'm invincible. This is the reason I'm blogging from NYC and not after, to recover. I'm staying in this morning to rest and stay warm. Yesterday I ran around the city to stay warm (9 degrees) and explore. Now, I'm beat.

Yesterday I rode the train to Roosevelt Island. It's an island in the East river, under the 59th St. bridge. It used to be a prison, housing gangsters and the criminal Mae West. Then it was a hospital for the insane and contagious. Now, the hospital bits which have survived are a nursing school and specialty hospital (that sounds suspicios).

The island also is a master planned community. My observation is it's like Communist era Poland, meets NYC. I also saw the filming crew from Person Of Interest. Here are my photos, incase you never make it there yourself. I was so cold my fingers hardly worked for my phone camera!

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