Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Freaked Out Mom

Photo by P.R. Frank
Though we are 1/2 done having our children growing in our house, we are taking a parenting class.  I always can learn to do better, and in turn, find I'm more comfortable in my skin.

Parenting in general freaks me out.  I want to be my best for my kids.  Despite my best efforts, my kids will turn out.  I like to remind myself that, and go to a parenting class.

Last week, as we were talking about the class, our daughter overheard us.  She had an opinion about our parenting.

"Guys, I know you are good parents.  Wanna know how I know you are good parents?".......
"I spend a lot of time in my room."

We laughed too hard together.  It's true.  She does spend a lot of time in her room getting a grip, and letting me catch my breath.  In a calm moment, she was thankful and it was funny.  It won't be funny next time I have to send her to her room, but it helped me not take myself so seriously.

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