Thursday, August 11, 2011


The labyrinth from the center overlook.

We visited a labyrinth last week as for a day trip.   Labyrinths are confusing with a purpose.  Labyrinths are known to have a spiritual, physical and mental purpose. This place helped me make sense and be accountable for myself for all three, while we are in the Czech Republic (and beyond).  

It is fun here, for sure.  It has been an amazing experience to stay in a place so long.  Also, it has been challenging.  Not too challenging, but there are many things that I am sure are unknowingly confounding me.   There are cultural differences, language barriers, sleep deprivation, transportation issues, and personal preferences that contribute to the culture shock for me.  Though it is not the driving factor while we are here, it is something we have to work with.  It is like this Labyrinth.  It has been a mental, physical and spiritual challenge for me.

When we navigated this labyrinth at Brandys nad Orlici, we did it together.  We gave ourselves time, and we asked for help from people who have managed to get to the center before us.  When we arrived at the center, we were able to climb some steps to be able to see over the whole of the maze, and yet not give away our position to the others, still wandering.

I can not look over our entire experience here yet, as I have not arrived at the center, and climbed the steps.  I am sure that will come with some time at home.  I'm heading to bed, and ready to round a hedge more tomorrow.

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