Friday, July 29, 2011

Silas was asked to share what was the most meaninful part of Engish Camp this year. I didn't know he was asked to share at church, so I felt panic for him when I heard his name in Czech. Fortunately he didn't have to improvise, as I would have. This photo is of him sharing, and our friend Petr interpreting.

You know he is sharing about Mother Theresa in this photo. About how she did a lot of small things that added up over a lifetime. Silas said that there was nothing more important at camp than the small things we did with great love. I agree. I was in such agreement, I was a bit tear-y when he got back to our pew.

I thought it was a good photo to share today.


  1. A terrific photo, I'd say! Thinking of & praying for you all. Thanks for sharing this!