Sunday, July 31, 2011

Enchanted Forest

We hiked yesterday with our friends Harry and Lucie, and all our kids, and Steve and Sarah Kuhlman, and their short people.  We finally ended up at this awesome labrinth of sand stone.  The stone is soft enough that it has erroded a bunch, and some stones are 40 feet high, and then hallways between.  As you can see, it was cold, but we had warm tea and good friends, so it didn't seem so bad.  The kids got to pick blueberries, which to me is a highlight to any day. 
Picking black berries just isn't the same as blue berries, though I'm guessing if we had blue berries wild in California, I'd like black berries better.  Justus couln't stop imagining.  Between the forests and the castles, he is in imagination heaven!  We have been enjoying his ideas, until it gets about 10pm.
Our friend Harry is a budding photographer, and he took all these fun snaps.  Hope you enjoy them.

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