Thursday, March 03, 2011

Update: good husband/bad man

Tomorrow Silas has a colonoscopy.  He has to return to the office where he had an endoscopy.  I guess they don't have a camera that goes all the way through, he dopily asked after the first procedure (they do have a fancy camera pill).
I'm curious about what will happen this time, as he visits the same nurses, and is sedated again.  I'm sure silliness will ensue.  I hope it is blog fodder, and that whatever the heck is wrong with him will come to light, so he can feel better.  I mostly hope for the latter.

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  1. I hope they figure it out too. And you are lucky Si gets silly, Shaun just gets serious and thinks he is in absolute control. He will repeat over and over, "I am fine, I can remember everything since waking up." When obviously he doesn't. *rolls eyes*

    Have a great day! Bottoms up!