Monday, March 07, 2011

Girl Books, Boy Books

Growing up my parents read to us every night before bed.  We also watched old episodes of The Andy Griffith Show and The Rifleman, so I did get to watch television also.  We are carrying on the tradition of reading to our children, which our parents faithfully passed to us.

I have to admit that I am a bit dissatisfied by the latest choices of books, and I think it is because of my 'Y' chromosome.  We read a Terry Pratchett book which was about a police department, in a world on a disk with fantastic creatures.  Then, a book about an ancient Egyptian war, set in modern times.  Both were full of intense battles and boyish humor.  If you only read an hour a night, aloud, a medium-sized book can take up to a month to finish.  Some of my dissatisfaction is that each book is taking so long to read, although they are not bad books.

At the breakfast table last week I started to plead my case for Anne of Green Gables.  Two of the people in our family are female, which I think the book was written for, and the other half could give a little.  They could consider that a story without a battle or an ogre might be meaningful.

Silas conceded, he wouldn't mind reading a book about me.  ME?!?!  I started into what was sure to be a fiery lecture about," how.... Anne and I....well,  he must know those books are fiction, from the author's imagination, and...anyway, well.....I really think the kids....and you know, well.....Shut-up, Gilbert!!!"

Today, I found a copy of Anne of Green Gables on Gilbert's Silas' desk.

Silas & Tyson

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  1. I think the perfect balance of Boy vs Girl style is achieved in "True Grit" ...guns, battles and shooting followed by fatherly figure sacrificing to save girl!

    And "futile", Marshal Cogburn, "pursuit would be futile"? It's not spelled "f-u-d-e-l."