Thursday, August 07, 2008

Oh, the Agony

Here are some photos of the madness that was the Agony, a 24 hour bike ride in the Sierra Valley north of Truckee Ca.

My sister Addi, and her husband Yamil, my brother-in-law Dan and his friend Adam all rode 300 miles in 24 hours. Silas, my husband rode 250, our friend Mike rode 270+, and my sister Bethany and I rode 160.

It was quite deflating for me at the beginning because I had 4 flat tire. This meant that we spent 4 hours not riding. We did walk 5 miles, which counted towards our total (in bike shoes in the hot sun, this was the worst part for me).

My awesome sister stayed with me the entire time, even the flat tire times, and we made memories instead of miles. We also earned money for CEM ( fortunately it was not a per mile donation, or then I would feel bad. Thanks to all the awesome SAGgers, my parents especially, and the owner of Tour of Nevada City Bike Shop.

The photos are misleading, because we all look happy, the point is agony, which happened pretty quickly into the ride but there aren't as many photos of that.
And here I am.....There are a few more good pics at

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