Thursday, August 21, 2008

Enough to Bear

So I think that if you think bears are cool, you are correct. They are cool if you are just looking at them from afar.

Last night to our shock, a bear was near our heads just outside our bedroom window. This has happened before, but before the bear took off quickly. This time was quite different. It came to the window at 11:45 pm, and the dog went mad. He started barking which woke Silas up. I was already awake, knowing a bear was on the porch because it is big and loud. Silas stood up and Conan the Barbarian yelled out the open, though screened, window. The screen seems useless, until if falls off, which it did then i really felt like I was bear breakfast. We are telling ourselves that the extreme yelling out the window knocked it off, but my mind is telling me otherwise, that it was knocked of by the bear in question.

I peeped to silas, "what was it?" then more loudly "what was it?" and he said back, "I am not going to tell you!". Finally he said, oh it wasn't a raccoon, which for sure I knew it wasn't. The snarling, loud thudding being near me, was no raccoon.

Silas saw the bear, he told me "in the field by our house" which really was just off of the porch and heading that way!!

Enough is enough!! I am so done with the bear!! You can't get rid of it, and it is rather scary by your head at night. I am exhausted today, and didn't sleep.....
I can sleep when I'm dead.

PS the photo is near my house, those are me feet, and the bears who made those tracks are just up the hill from me while I was taking that picture. I could see the bears, but they didn't turn out in the photo.


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