Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I never really go for resolutions, but...

I have resolved to be a better tennis player in 2008. This is a new concept for me, to make an athletic goal. Though no one reads this blog, it will be reason enough, having written it down for the world wide web, to stick to it. Maybe I'll keep you posted.

So to start, I have a lot of self loathing about tennis. I feel like a looser at it, so I don't try, and am afraid to try. Now, I am going to try, and forget that I don't like myself when I am no good at stuff. It is no good to just like things you are good at, and not try. The new me will be happy to be myself, not good at tennis, and all the other ways I'm not perfect. I'm still fun, and tennis is fun too!!

PS here is a bikini is crocheted at my sisters house at Christmas.

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