Monday, November 26, 2007

A year without pepper

Last year, this week, I dropped the pepper grinder on my foot. The wood grinder broke a bone (that was not happy in the first place). I was in a walking cast for several months before I had a bit of surgery in March to fix the problem in there.

I had a half broken off bone spur taken off. Really it had been bothering me long before I broke some of it off. For example, I had to tie my shoes loosely to keep away from the pea sized bone. I also could not do yoga (not a problem for most of you, I get it) because you have to sit on your feet. It pretty much was impossible to sit on that!!

Now my foot is all better!! In celebration of this monumental anniversary, I filled up the pepper grinder, after retrieving it from the depths of the pantry. Last night, I peppered generously a potato corn chowder.

Things do taste better with pepper, especially since I am no longer bitter about it.

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