Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nerd Protege

Our clan is pretty hooked on the written word.  My parents read to me, and started with AA Milne.  We did the same for our two.  While in New York City this fall, we visited our friends from our imagination.  It turns out that Pooh Bear is a real stuffy toy.  He and his friends live in the NYC public library in the children's section.  It was 'as it should be' to meet them in person with my parents and my children.

My son, who was a gifted reader at age five, has now read half of the books in this library (okay, maybe paternal hyperbole).  We did enjoy the smell, architecture and quiet of so many books.  We maybe were too happy to be there.

Grandma, Pooh, and the Kids!

P.S.  I hate this gui google!  But am too lazy to edit the HTML.  Sorry the pictures are all jumbled.

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