Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Euchre Bar

I've been hiking with a group of geezers for a few months.  My favorite geezer is my dad, whose real name is Papa, but really they are all wonderful.

These are some photos of a hike we took today, to a footbridge on the North Fork of the American river.  What I love about hiking, with these guys especially, is that there is so much to discover.  There are small stories, big stories, and mysteries all around (which is why I brought my camera).

It was only a 4 mile hike, but it was 1700 feet down to the river and back.  Don't let anyone tell you down is easier than up!

Here is our hike from my perspective:
My dad makes a plan, because that's what he does.

Note the bit of mist in the river basin.

The fancy trial signage.

Down!  Give me a break, literally.

We caught up to the mist.

Forest service foot bridge for....a lady in her 30's and 6 guys in their 60's?
Your  (or your grandparent's) tax dollars at work.

Mystery memorial.  Don't look down

1 comment:

  1. George Geezer5:35 PM

    I want to comment on your "downhill is easier than uphill" comment. Spoken like a mid-30's person.
    When you get into your mid-40's (and assuming you are still fit), things may start changing. That uphill may start looking a little better than downhill.