Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Signs and Wonders

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Our family visited New York City to see the sites.  It is a huge and amazing city.  I continuously reminded myself to shut my gaping mouth as my jaw dropped, out of wonder, excitement, and confusion.  

We were not the only people who have been confused by such a big and intense city.  There are signs every few yards to instruct people.   It can be confusing, but I'm not sure if the signs helped terribly.  

My son stands under a sign.  What a rebel. 

My most favorite sign EVER!
This should be taught after the Golden Rule
(and I don't mean, "No Standing".   Can you sit during business hours?)

Another sign stated, "No One Under 12 Years Old Allowed".  It was in the entryway to a funeral home.  I didn't snap a photo, but it too was confusing.  My thought is, no one under 96 years old should be allowed in a funeral home.   I'm sure they meant the living, which is also silly.  Living, as well as dying, are activities kids shouldn't be sheltered from!  Kids have access to terrible images and ideas before they are 12, but shouldn't be allowed at their grandmother's funeral?

Death is rather serous, and I'm not in a serious mood, so I'll close with another confusing-sign story:
As a child, the most confusing road sign was, "Do Not Pass".  Why does the road continue beyond the sign if you aren't supposed to pass by it?

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  1. I've often slammed on the brakes while driving when I see a "Do Not Pass" sign. Just for fun, of course, to freak out my passengers and have a go at a low-brow pun.