Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bye-Bye Birdie

I visit folks in the hospital as a volunteer.  I'm not just visiting to visit, I have a purpose.  Being sick, injured, dying, or recovering isn't just for the body and mind.  We are three parts, and my goal is to care for patient's spirit.

Several weeks ago, when the weather couldn't decide if it was winter or spring, I met a patient who had cut off several fingers with a snow blower. OUCH!!

I try to visit people who have lost a body part.  Losing a physical part of our body affects our spirit.  I figured there would be something to talk about.

My first thought was to ask him if he was a musician (my bad, as it is my perspective as a musician).  He was silly/lying and said yes, and feigned a tear.  The question was legitimate because I wanted to sum up how much the loss 2 fingers was for this man.

He was in his late 60's, and looked like a fun, clean cut, outdoorsy, grandpa-type.  He raised up his bandaged, stubby hand, and told me that cutting off his middle finger was payback for giving so many people 'the finger' during his life.  He said it with the same light heartedness as before, but in the end it was the spiritual part of the conversation.

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