Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Stripes & Polka Dots

I am ridiculously sensible, and suspect I have little fashion sense.  I know what I like, and I wear it.  I try to put on my clothes before I can count to five, so that I don't change my mind.  I love jeans, polka-dots, stripes, hoodies, bright colors, and square toed shoes.  My brother-in-law once asked what the Norman girls might do if square toed shoes go out of fashion, and I was surprised they were fashionable in the first place.  He is immeasurably more cool than I am, so I took it as a compliment.  

I know what would happen if the clothes I like go out of fashion, I will find more at a thrift shop.  Or, I will become a victim of the 'mom jean of the future' phenomenon.  For now I'm fortunate that the clothes I wear seem to be found at departments stores, and more importantly, consignment shops.  There are certain fashions that I have trouble with, some are: high heels, leggings, scarves, belts (other than for holding up my pants), halter tops, strapless tops, and slacks.  If you see me in anything like the aforementioned, you can be sure I will be running to the closet as soon as possible to get into my usual clothes.

While at camp this summer, I only had a few days worth of clothes.  I had some for summer weather, which I never wore, and warmer clothing.  I wore the same clothes nearly every day out of necessity.  I couldn't borrow clothing because everyone we know there is pint-sized, and clothes are very expensive to buy.  

One day I came to class to teach my English lesson, and my student, who is 15 was wearing the same clothes as me.  The same clothes.  Striped blue and white long sleeved shirt, black sweater and jeans.  It made me wonder about my choices as a 35 year old stay at home mom.  This girl is less than half my age.  I could be her mom.  Her mom is probably my age.  This girl, Simka, and I turned out to be fast friends.

Was she a kid dressing too old for her age, or was I dressing too young for my age?  I had to ask myself, am I the pathetic lady trying to be young because I am dressing like an 8 year old?  As you can see, I am quite insecure about the things I like, even though I still like them.  Am I the lady unknowingly in the 'mom jeans'?

When I arrived home  I found my friend Heather and her family.  We were so glad to see each other and we are the same age.  We happened to be wearing the same clothes.  It reminded me that it might be less to do with my age, or my lack of fashion sense that I dress like the people I love without planning it that way.  It may be more like fate or fortune.  When I see my square feet I am reminded that my sisters also have the same feet, and it makes me feel good.  It isn't chance or luck that I am like the people in my life.  It seems they influence me inside and out.

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