Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sweets from a Sweet

Our girl had $6 burning a hole in her pocket.  Last night she tried to buy everyone a scoop of ice cream with it after we played tennis.  It was in her pocket at school today because she wore the same shorts (yes it's okay) and because we didn't let her buy the ice cream, we bought it.

Today when I picked her up, she was full of, well, whatever it is that makes her radiate.  She told me that she found her $6 in her pocket and also saw the farm stand was open at her school.  During recess, she picked out all the veggies she thought I might like and put them into her backpack (you know mom, that purple one).  She then donated $6 to the collection.  

She wanted to show me the food while we were driving home, which really just turned out to be a life lesson for her: never put ripe tomatoes in your backpack with an eggplant (don't worry I had a towel).

I felt proud that my girl would want to buy me vegetables, I felt known by my daughter.  I also felt mad at myself.  Last night I assumed that she wanted to spend her money so that she could have something sweet.  Really, she wanted to spend her money to be sweet.

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