Thursday, July 07, 2011


Today is the anniversary of my life truly getting interesting.  Amazing and adventurous things are always happening to/for me, but the human experience of having a child, has been divine intervention.  I see folks post that their kid is having a birthday on Facebook, and quickly move to the next post.  Actually it is a very profound thing, celebrating the birth of a person.  I realize that when it is my baby.

Today something is changing beyond that.  It seems the more I am a mom, the less my kids' lives have to do with me.  I am reminded: that is the point of it!

Eleven!  Eleven is when we meet Harry Potter, and Anne Shirley of Green Gables.  Eleven seems to be the age where our adventure starts to have more to do with us, and less to do with who our mom and dad are.

It is my wish for my boy on his 11th birthday, that his adventure will be full of wonder, adventure, redemption, creation and magic!

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!

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  1. He's Eleven! I remember your pregnancy with him while we were in Alabama together... and the overalls you borrowed from me when your baby bump grew too quickly. Enjoy your young man's day.