Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hear This....

I am in the midst of parenting bliss, and I know it!!  Both my kids are as creative, enjoyable, thoughtful and helpful as they have ever been.  I have left the sleepless nights, running at the park to catch a falling toddler, and endlessly cleaning the floor of finger-foods behind me.  I soon will venture into pre-teen and teen drama, mood swings, an empty fridge and worry about my kids driving.  For now, I am reveling in all the interesting things my children have to say.  They are wealths of knowledge about grade-school topics.

Our son is usually a walking encyclopedia (remember those?) but lately our seven year old has joined in.  We now have Boyipedia and Girlepedia (I'm sure it is parenting justice for years of babbling at our folks, we both are that way).

Our girl has a way of getting our attention when something is particularly interesting.

"Hear this Dada!...
     did you know the sun has spots
     did you know that Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun, and mars is 4th
     the sun is 15 billion degrees
     the sun is the biggest star,
Boys: No it isn't
Girlt: I mean in the solar system
Dada, hear this....."

I imagine each bit of trivia like a newsboy selling newspapers (remember those?) on the corner.  To her, it is that exciting.

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