Monday, May 18, 2009

Six Sets of Lungs

I was positive that I had nearly lost my mind when I volunteered to make 6 sets of lungs for my daughter's school play, featuring the human body.

The play is sure to be cute, with a gaggle of 5 year-olds parading around as singing skeletons, lungs, muscles, and craniums. I felt a bit guilty from last years play as an adult participant, having helped out a big ZERO. So this year, I jumped on the responsibility as a, slightly sewing machine savvy, kindergarten loving, adult.

After hours of work, tracing, cutting, sewing, drawing, filling, fastening, buying, and planning, I finished the dang lungs.

Then, last night we watched 30 Rock, a TV show (though we watched it on the computer) and what do you know, the opening gag was about the goofy main character acting like a kidney in an elementary school play. Though it must be a more common experience than I had imagined, the sketch did reinforce that I have indeed lost my mind. I really would do ANYTHING, no matter how goofy, for my kids. Making lungs out of felt, beans, elastic and a sharpie counts.

My fingers are still blue from the sharpie!


  1. Your daughter looks beautiful in lungs.

  2. But may I say, those are quite the lungs!

  3. Anonymous3:10 PM

    What will those fetch on the black market? Now just think about that, huh?


  4. Maybe a 'black lung' cough cough...