Sunday, April 05, 2009

Seriously Joyful

Today is Palm Sunday.
As I was passing by, a man said, "You look so serious!". I wasn't feeling anymore serious than usual, but it pushed me to quick self-reflection. I responded,
"seriously joyful!". I know that I am very serious, and I take joy very seriously.

Here are somethings I am feeling particularly, seriously, joyful about today:
Worshiping in the morning in a place that felt like home.
Visiting with old friends with the sun warming my back.
Knowing Silas was enjoying the sun and snow, skiing with his uncle.
A brown bag of licorice Silas brought me.
Photos of my friend's new smiling baby in my in-box.
Spring in my yard.
A pint of strawberries in the kitchen.
Kid playing noises.
Friendly neighbors passing.
Gobbling turkeys in the woods outside.

All of that in just one day!!

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