Monday, February 02, 2009

25 Random Things

So, there are these posts going around on Facebook listing 25 random things about yourself. I find it very interesting to see what 'random' things people come up with, especially since they are people I know. I also made a random list and am posting it here, though I am not sure why.
I am more quirky than I seem, I guess. Once I started I was thinking about why anyone would put up with me without laughing a lot at me.

1. I don't follow detailed directions well and usually mess up on final details. This is why I delegate the taxes.

2. I figured out I am dyslexic as a College junior in a class teaching me to be a Special Ed. teacher. I thought this was ironic, but explained A LOT, and I also why I am a terrible speller.

3. I am ornithophobic.

4. I wish I could sleep at night like everyone else seems to.

5. I dropped a pepper grinder on my foot from a high shelf and seriously broke my foot.

6. I compulsively listen to a new song I like until it feels right in my head and I can hear all the details.

7. Music is nearly the only thing I really love the details about.

8. I love words and definitions though I can't spell them.

9. My stomach is upset if I am in a group of more than 5-10 people, but I do it anyway 'cause I have to.

10. I gag/barf if anyone else does, if I have to change a diaper, or there is some disgusting mess.

11. I LOVE having clean teeth and inspired ideas.

12. I really only like to buy things if they have been used already.

13. I love being frugal.

14. My two kids are the most beautiful things I have ever laid eyes on, and are for sure, cuter than your kids. My life went from black and white to color the day the first one arrived.

15. Singing satisfies my soul.

16. I always go to the restroom when I get to an new place, just to take a breath, even if I don't need to.

17. Since my birthday is in the summer, I have been in many states and countries for the occasion.

18. I have been in every state in the US but 2.

19. I have bumped into Ted Kennedy, as in, he didn't see us, and we didn't see him, and wham!

20. I love to wear clothes, all the time, and a lot of them. I even like to wear clothes swimming, but that is kinda odd, so I don't.

21. When I go to a zoo, I only want to look at gorillas.

22. I only make our bread and have since 1999. My hands are our 'bread machine'.

23. With few exceptions, my hands are cold.

24. I don't really like ice cream.

25. While in Montgomery, Alabama, I worshiped in Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1st church on the weekend of his holiday. The local paper interviewed me (which seems weird). I sat with his friends, ate Sunday lunch with them, and held hands and sang 'We Shall Overcome". It was one of the most profoundly moving moments of my life, so far. It made history and God's love come alive for me!!

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  1. I too remember #25... what an amazing thing to be apart of. That worship service was moving, holding hands and singing all together.