Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gettin' Dirty

Silas rented a HUGE tractor, and used to to grade our land, and then fill the new room. It was a super fun day, cause Silas got to use a fun toy. I was able to shovel a rake 30 yards of soil around the new room with help from my dad, sister, and friends. I think I personally did 2/3 of the moving. I would like to say that Addi, my sister, is posing with nearly all of the fill, and though she was a HUGE help, the photo is misleading (my back muscles were telling me that I did more than her, but she rode 300+ miles in 24 hours, so she is awesomer).
Fill was expensive enough, that the cost to rent the tractor and was less than buying clean fill. If we had bought the soil and had it delivered, it would have been dumped in our driveway, and then we would have had to wheel it one load at a time into the room. I think we saved money and time.

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