Tuesday, October 09, 2007

No training wheels = road rash

Scout is four and has just learned to ride her bike, without training wheels, while we were camping a month ago. She is quite good at it, for her age. I was able to catch her on video riding a few minutes after she figured it out.

She rode all week at the campground, and when we got home, she was just waiting for the opportunity to try on our lightly sloped, seldom used road in front of our house. While we were cooking dinner, she slipped out, without a shirt, or helmet, and took off on her bike. Only to find that the slight slope was not as forgiving as the very well maintained flat drive of the New Briton State Campground.

She bent three teeth back into her mouth, and had scrapes and bruises on her face, chest, back, arms, hands, and wrists. I am very thankful that the teeth popped back into her head without damage, that she did not bump her head at all, that the bleeding stopped, and mostly that I did not see it happen. Here is a picture of the aftermath.

She has healed very quickly, because I think little people are made of rubber. She will not loose her teeth, and she is back to being her beautiful, adventurous self.

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