Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Cursin' Cowboys

I know that no one will be surprised by the mouths of cowboys, just like no one is surprised by loggers and guys who lay carpet. I guess they are not known for using eloquent adjectives. So rather than surprising, I guess this is more humorous than anything. Cowboys are also a bit of a rarity, compared to carpet installers and loggers, so I guess that is why I felt like sharing.
So anyway.....
My sister in law Karen and I were driving back from a camping trip 2 1/2 hours down a little maintained logging/cattle/camping road south of Yosemite. We were taking it slow so we wouldn't loose our breakfasts, with the windows down, enjoying the alpine views and the kids in the back seat. As we rounded a corner, we came upon about a dozen cattle, a few work dogs and two cowboys in the road. I stopped to let them go by, and to let the kids watch the cows with their calves. The one man coming our way was rail thin, had the obligatory hat, and chew, unshaven with gap teeth. As the convoy went by, we could hear him, talking on his cell (which I could go on a bit more about how funny that is, but I won't). This is what his conversation sounded like:
F@### the S*&^@ one the M$T#$% F$%^%$. Come on, git you M%$H$^ F&%$#@.
He made eye contact with us through the open window, tiped his hat and said:
Hello ladies
And went back to his tantalizing conversation. You could have heard our eyes roll, and as I pulled away, when he couldn't hear we laughed.

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